Many organizations and communities are dealing with complex issues at a time when trust has also broken down. Leaders are struggling with how to make informed and wise decisions in an environment of great uncertainty.

We can’t rely on an “US vs THEM” thinking anymore. 

Together, we know more and can accomplish more than any one person alone.

We need to harvest the power of the “collective intelligence” in our organizations.

What is windtunneling?

WindTunneling is an innovative, web-based application, that allows us to “hear” each other in new ways that conventional group processes don’t allow. 

WindTunneling lets us start with a new level playing field. People with different disciplines and levels of the organization bring their voices and insights forward in a safe and productive atmosphere.

When people with different perspectives come together to share, everyone gets to see every idea, no one knows who shared which idea. Participants share anonymously and transparently in a safe atmosphere where new options and choices emerge. 

Based on systems thinking, WindTunneling increases employee engagement, promotes talent development, accelerates strategic planning and innovation, and improves community relations. It will improve any pressing problem your organization is facing.

Your employees get to the core issues in a safer, faster, and more productive way. Wise decisions and action plans are generated because of new creative ways of looking at the old problems.

Does this sound like how you’d like to do business? 

WindTunneling accelerates engagement, productivity, and innovation in three ways:

1.  Increasing Engagement and Trust:  The anonymity, transparency and interactive sharing of WindTunneling allow people to engage right from the start.  The inclusive process builds trust and respect because everyone’s different ideas and perspectives are considered equally.  It frees up the group from the “he said, she said” drama and creates new common ground.

 2.  Faster Productivity:  People can generate ideas, assess feasibility, and share their needs… all in minutes.   People are more productive in generating strategic action plans because the plans are based on mutual understanding and respect.  The focus is on action, not on drama!

3.  Accelerating Innovation:  The key ingredient to creating innovative solutions is diversity…the diversity of perspectives, disciplines, levels in an organization, cultures, and domains.   When you facilitate at the intersection of different perspectives, breakthroughs occur. 

Your organization holds two rich gold mines: Diversity and Collective Intelligence. Are you ready to tap into them?

The answer you are looking for is closer than you think.

Kate is a certified Facilitator in WindTunneling. 

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"Kate brings a positive spirit into the workplace. People who work with her are drawn to her enthusiasm, passion for her work and sincere commitment to creating and sustaining effective change in the workplace. I have always been impressed by how Kate carefully balances her curricula between personal transformation and work-related change management.
"Kate has a unique ability to facilitate meaningful change in people and organizations. Her consulting and teaching style encourages her clients to look introspectively and then apply their personal realizations into effective changes in their workplaces. I find that I always learn in Kate's presence, whether we are designing a course, planning organization development work or implementing a customized project."
Carina Celesia Moore
Director, Talent Management Center of Expertise
Human Resources
University of California, Davis

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