In a world where uncertainty reins ...

... business is complicated. The rules are changing.

We can't rely on an "US vs THEM" thinking anymore.


We need the collective intelligence of our organizations to solve the pressing challenges we face. Everyone knows more than any one person.  

Kate Powers harnesses the power of the collective intelligence by bringing people with different ideas and perspectives together to create new strategies and innovative solutions … outside the box!  

Diversity is innovation. Uncertainty is opportunity.  

Employees get enlivened and engaged … the organization gets a competitive advantage … and leaders spend less time and energy making decisions about complex questions.

Kate works with Executive Leadership and Teams on their most urgent issues. From employee engagement … to talent development … to strategic planning ... to creating innovative solutions.  

Organizations become agile, innovative, and transformational.  

Is this the way you’d like to do business? 

Call Kate at 415-302-7957 or email her at to start the conversation.