Kate’s consistent results are based on system’s thinking and a multi-disciplinary approach. She holds people as whole, competent, and complete. The collective intelligence within organizations and communities is a gold mine for dealing with the pressing challenges in an organization.  We need to tap it!

This is how it works.

systems thinking

Systems thinking looks at the relationships of the elements in a system. More specifically, the inter-dependent relationships. It’s easy to see the inter-dependent relationships in nature. 

For example, if you put a pesticide on a tomato plant, that pesticide now interacts with the plant, organisms in the soil, the animals that feed on those organisms, the water, and the people eating the tomatoes.  The pesticide impacts the person’s health, their moods and energy levels, performance at work, and relationships at home. 

In organizations, systems consist of people, structures, and processes that operate together to make an organization healthy or unhealthy. All the parts interact to form the big picture. The complex issues that organizations are facing require understanding the relationship among all the parts of the issues. This is systems thinking.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Guiding a group to work “outside the box” requires opening the heart…working with both sides of the brain…and opening the inner world of the imagination. 


Kate uses a multi-disciplinary approach for two reasons.  One, everyone learns and processes information differently.  What is meaningful to one person is different with another.  One person needs to hear the facts of an issue while another needs to feel the emotional difficulties it causes staff. 

A multi-disciplinary approach evokes and inspires the best in people.  It accelerates employee engagement and awakens the collective intelligence in groups.  Creative thinking flourishes and strategic action plans are grounded in commitment.  A new competitive advantage is developed.

The second reason is that Innovation resides at the intersection of ideas, perspectives, disciplines, groups, cultures, and domains.  This is called the Medici Effect. It’s where new, groundbreaking ideas emerge and innovation is created.

A multi-disciplinary approach keeps a group working in the intersection.  Do you want to stop “business as usual” and develop a competitive edge?  Then you want to be in this intersection of Innovation.

Kate bridges the disciplines of business, psychology, cultural anthropology, nature, and science into the workplace in practical and relevant ways.

Collective Intelligence

We can’t rely on “US vs THEM” thinking anymore. 

We need the collective intelligence of our organizations to solve the pressing challenges we face.  Everyone knows more than any one person.  Together, we know more and can accomplish more than any one person on their own.

Up the culture of innovation by breaking down silos and leveraging diversity. 

Every person in a group has unique skills, talents, abilities, and experience nowhere else duplicated.  They are born with these, develop them over time, and use them in their jobs at work.  The collection of everyone’s intelligence in a group forms the “collective intelligence.”  It’s huge!  The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. 

This “collective intelligence” can be dormant or just simply not tapped … not harvested.

Kate harvests the power of the collective intelligence by bringing people with different ideas and perspectives together to create new strategies and innovative solutions … outside the box.

"Kate Powers is exactly what her name states: POWERFUL! Kate's messages truly will create meaningful change. The skills she teaches are core to any decision-making process and personal development. Kate has a wealth of knowledge in the area of change and delivers this powerful message with passion and conviction."
Debra Haufler
Senior Manager
Corporate Real Estate
AstraZeneca PLP
"Kate has great clarity about identifying the current issues facing an organization, assessing the forces that are impacting the outcome, and designing a customized intervention based on extensive research of the applicable principles. 

"One of the most powerful impacts of Kate’s approach is that she models the principles she is teaching or mentoring. This reinforces the concepts in her interventions and builds her credibility with all those she works with. Kate’s positive energy is contagious. I have recommended her without reservation for a variety of situations, because she is exceptionally adaptable and always expanding her own knowledge. Kate has excellent insight into others personal style (strengths and weaknesses) that enhance the effectiveness of her interventions."
Carrie Carter Schulman
Health Advisory Practice

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