Kate Powers is an organizational consultant and master facilitator with more than 30-years senior experience.  Her career has been defined by her relentless and passionate search for fresh and wise strategies that actually work in today’s business environment.

From the C-Suite to the ground in Rwanda, Kate leverages the talent, knowledge, and diversity in organizations to help leaders make informed, wise decisions.  

Kate invigorates organizations and teams.  Her enthusiastic ability to motivate and inspire change is contagious.  Kate has a valued reputation among leaders and organizations for her insight, practical wisdom, and humor. 

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kate travels extensively and works with a variety of industries including: health care, education, finance, law enforcement, science, government, business, and community non-profits. 

In college, Kate studied education and psychology until she fell in love with geology. She earned a BS in Geology and a MS in Marine Studies focusing on a practical multi-disciplinary study of coastal erosion and sea level rise.  Her work in the 1970s and 1980s as a geologist and educator led her to help communities mitigate geologic hazards from floods and coastal storms.  Kate developed an easy, fun style teaching complex geologic processes in simple, practical terms that motivated people to change the way they organized their communities around rivers and coastlines.

In the mid-1980s, Kate returned to her enthusiasm for education, psychology, and cross-cultural anthropology.  She is a passionate student of leadership and the perennial wisdom shared by all humanity.   

Kate worked in Rwanda, Africa, with men, women and children survivors of the genocide, using the expressive arts for healing and empowerment. She also served with Desmond Tutu on the international peace conference, “Quest for Global Healing” in Bali.

Kate Powers serves on the Coalition for Human Trafficking in Marin County, California, and is an adjunct professor for the Institute for Leadership Studies, School of Business & Leadership at Dominican University of California. 

Kate is a Marin Master Gardener.

"Kate is a person who truly 'walks the talk.' She is grounded, honest, open, caring, talented, intelligent, flexible and mature. She is a great role model for leaders." 
Melanie Cullen
TerraSys Consulting

"It is rare in a corporate setting to engage in work that addresses the larger issues of the human family while relating directly to a work community. In a very wise, powerful and non-threatening way, Kate challenges her audience to discover how to become the best of who they are so that they may focus their unique gifts on the workplace and add greater value. The gift of Kate's work, though, is in providing life skills, that, yes, influence the bottom line, but more importantly, open the door to a more authentically powerful way of being in this world."

Sr. Vice President
Chief Learning Officer
Providian Financial

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